About Bixby Electric

Bixby Electric, Inc. is a New Mexico Corporation engaged in electrical construction, testing, and service. The company's main office and yard are located in Albuquerque with an area of operation spanning the state of New Mexico and the Western Navajo Reservation in Arizona. The company began operations in Ft. Sumner, New Mexico in the late 1970s and was incorporated as Bixby Electric, Inc. in 1988.


Our areas of construction include industrial, commercial and infrastructure electrical installations. Our construction specialties include airfield lighting and NAVAID installations; traffic signalization, and roadway and sports lighting; industrial electrical, including water and wastewater installations; health care facilities; Intelligent Transportation Systems; directional boring and vertical drilling; lighting retrofits; solar energy; and medium voltage installations, including plant, underground, and overhead distribution.

Our Service Departments provide service and maintenance not only to industrial, commercial, and residential customers, but also provide airfield lighting, traffic signal, and roadway lighting maintenance and emergency service to state and local agencies. Additionally, many of our construction and service technicians maintain MSHA certifications for mine and pit work.

Bixby Electric also provides infrared and other electrical equipment testing; power quality and ARC Flash studies; and commissioning services for its clients, both private and government.

As for Safety, our current EMR is under 1.0. We take it seriously, and consider strong safety consciousness to be integral to our values.

Bixby is a member of both the Northern New Mexico Independent Electrical Contractors Association (NNMIEC) and the Associated Contractors of New Mexico (ACNM).  The company utilizes the four year apprenticeship training program of the NNMIEC to provide training for its indentured electrical apprentices.